Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hidden St Partick's Day Message

There is a message hidden in the post today:

Growing up we didn’t really celebrate St Patrick’s Day,
usually there was corned beef or maybe a banner
in the kitchen hung with tape, but that type of thing was
not uncommon in my house and could just as easily been a birthday.
No one in my immediate lineage was from Ireland so that made it
easy to not really care or realize that I was missing

So then I got married. My wife is from a very
Irish family, and St Patrick’s day was definitely
something to celebrate.

Going to her grandmothers house for the delicious food and
obviously some drinks as well quickly became
one of my favorite annual traditions. Happy Saint Patrick’s day


  1. Hey J.Crabbit... LOVE your blog, and since I know you are working on a new header/etc. just a suggestion, old eyes like mine have trouble with that grey background... maybe you could lighten it up a a little? Just a thought... I'll still read it if you don't, just have to pull out my ugly old readers!

  2. Great advice, thanks! I know not everyones preferances are the same, but I do try to take all my readers into account and base my decisions on their thoughts. Feedback on things like a background are greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!

  3. I found your hidden message! lol and I agree. Mmmmm....