Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I was not a fan of food blogs

When I read a blog, and there is a post with recipes and pictures, I used to just think that it wasn’t for me. Why not? Well I almost never cook. I work full time and we are blessed to be able to have my wife stay home with the kids.

This means usually a bagel for breakfast, whatever I packed for lunch, and whatever my wife has prepared for dinner. So you see I don’t need food ideas because I don’t make food…or so I thought.

This past weekend, my wife caught a cold. It really knocked her out. So a few nights ago, she asked me if I would mind making dinner. Usually this isn't a problem, I know how to make pancakes, scrambled eggs, and grilled cheese, and most times one of these will suffice as a dinner until she is back on her feet.

Here is the catch. We are participating in a 30 day vegan clense. That means the three meals in my repertoire are off the table…LITERALLY.

So I asked her what I could make. She got out all the ingredients and printed the recipe, so that when I got home all I had to do was measure them appropriately and follow the instructions.

Wow that sounded easier than it was, chop the olives and combine with the spice mixture while the pasta is boiling and the onions are sautéing… “umm I am already boiling the pasta, and wait I think I need another pan” I get that settled, .. then think, “wait, what spice mixture?

“Honey what is a spice mixture”

She had already explained to me that I just needed a teaspoon of oregano and something else (I don’t remember) but they were both on the table ready to go. I had forgotten this part in my initial overwhelmedness.

Once everything has been chopped mixed and is on the stove, I feel at home again, The sauté pan is the same one I make pancakes in, “I can do this”

So I finish and mix all the ingredients, then I hear a resounding “WHAT?!?!?” from my wife in the other room when I say “ Oh I didn’t realize this was a soup” For the record, it was a pasta dish, I had to reduce the stock more.

So there is a point,… she ate it, and loved it, and I thought it would make a cool blog post, then suddenly I realized it would be like one of the ones that I usually don’t like, but after seeing all the effort it takes to prep, cook, photograph, and serve a meal, I have a new found respect for those who are able to pull it all off.

We are like superheroes or something!!


  1. This is exactly why you'll never see a recipe on my blog. It's a TON of work. Good on you for sticking with your clense, though! I'd be curious to hear more about how that's going...

  2. Now you know you can do it!! And you can't say anymore that all you can make is pancakes, eggs, and grilled cheese:)

  3. It looks like you did a fine job of doing dinner, and maybe you will find you enjoy it!

  4. That looks delicious. And I think Superman agrees with me.

  5. Ha, my husband is all set to start his new food blog - I must have him read your post:):)