Friday, March 11, 2011

A Friday Poem: Now I Sea

Today I walked upon the beach,
And now I give this mighty speech.
And while some of you may not care,
I still will speak of salty air.

My job’s an office high above,
The sea and stones and shells I love.
I sit and work and sip and munch,
and wait so patiently for lunch.

And when the noon bell hour rings,
My heart is happy, thrilled, and sings.
I go to where I love the most,
My secret beach along the coast.

Today theres fog I can not see, but still I walk along,
The lighthouse horn mixed with the ships, belt out a mighty song.
I pick up bricks and stones and shells, and toss them in my bag,
I look out at the lobster men and all the traps they drag.

My feet are wet, my hands are ice, my face is getting cold,
I used to last for hours here.. I must be getting old.
I pack my final treasures up and walk along the rocks,
My toes are raisins fully shriveled in my soaking socks.

I hear the call of Gulls above and sea crashing below,
I look upon my watch to see, that it is time to go.
To work its true I must return, though birds are never far,
It’s only then I realize, ones crapped upon my car.


  1. Would be heavenly to work that close to a beach... I posted a little limerick today, too!

  2. Hahahaha!!! That was great love the end best!