Saturday, March 5, 2011

Total cop out

So I knew the weekends would be hard, but I dont have the kind of blog prepared that I wanted to post, so for today, I will simply post why.

The morning started with a dead car battery and a trip to Napa, that made me slightly late for Maine Event dress rehearsal, the show is tomorrow and since I am directing this month being late didn't help.

Then it was off to grandmothers house we go... which was going to be the title today. My mother is in town as you know so we all went to see her mother my Grandmother. Her house is full of old treasures from baskets to antiques to my Grandfathers workshop full of fantastic old tools and wood. (he passed away 7 years ago)

So now I have just got home, and need to learn the rest of a song that I am also performing tomorrow. But I didn't want to break the streak so here it is, my total cop out blog post.

1 comment:

  1. At least you posted something! I hope you get some free time to work on you blog, and make the kind of post you want. Better luck tomorrow!