Friday, March 25, 2011

Poem Friday - The Man Cold

I do not feel the way I should
There’s something off today
And I would name it if I could
For it won’t go away

It started with a scratchy throat
And runny nose but then
My head was floating like a boat
I cannot see my pen

My body aches, my eyes are sore
I think I’m gonna sneeze
I cannot sleep because I snore
Quick diagnose me please

It couldn’t be the chicken pox
There’s no spots to be seen
I have the symptoms on the box
But oh what can that mean?

It will kill me if I let it
As the tissues I unfold
And That’s when I finally get it
That I’ve got a real MAN COLD.


  1. Sorry about your 'man cold', that's a bummer. I'm still rofl over the video clip!!!

  2. Awww get better soon! Eat garlic, it heals all.

  3. Try sipping a tablespoon of horseradish mixed into a cup of hot tea.

    A friend into holistic healing told me about this. I tried it once.

    Didn't get rid of the cold but made me forget about it for awhile! ;P

  4. @Blacknick, that is hilarious!!