Thursday, March 10, 2011

Color Branding Giveaway

A lot of you know I am a member of the Etsy Blog Team. I read a great article recently on Their Blog about Branding. It covered color, style, font, and layout. It was great information on what to do and obviously what not to do.

I have been thinking a lot about branding, and what changes to make. I know I need a new banner both in my etsy shop,. As well as here, and I thank all of you who weighed in on the distressed logo post.

This weekend I hope to re open J.Crabbit. I don’t have the volume that I wanted to to open up, but I have had so many people asking when It would be that I have chosen the sooner rather than later approach.,
That being said my branding will not be finished, the new banner wont be done, and I seriously need an extreme makeover blog edition.

One way that I have always wanted to brand was in the name of my custom finishes. And that is where you come in!! I need help naming this specific finish. Yes, I know it is technically teal, but with hints of pink and white underneath, I am looking for something more unique.
And so in return for your feedback, I will be giving an 8x11 earring frame in this finish away FREE. Yes I know I wrote all about free before, but there is no catch, just rules. Hopefully this will be a ton of fun, get a lot of feedback, and ultimately create the first custom named color in my shop. We will choose a winner on Tuesday 3/15/2011

To enter the giveaway:
1)Post a comment here with your suggestion for a name
2)It cannot be the same as something someone has already said
a.(well it can but you will not be entered for it)
3)You can enter as many names as you want

How to win.
1)All entries that are approved will be entered into a hat
2)Approved entries are those that I believed were relevant
a.If you say “shark tooth red” it isn’t going to be honestly considered
b.that said it doesn't have to be a color name as it is for the finish itself, not necessarily for the color in it... for example: "rapid snail"
3)My 7 year old will pick a qualified name from the hat (we will make a video of the drawing to be posted here
4)If you are the winner, I will ask for your shipping information and the frame will be mailed to you.
5)The actual frame is not pictured here, this is from my sold items.
So lets get to branding and get this finish named!!


  1. Hmm, blue with a little pink...

    How about "beryl & blush"?

  2. It reminds me of the "caribbean", "bahamian blue", and "robin's nest"

  3. Soozie has the right idea submitting multiple suggestions.

  4. Fun contest! How about "Tiffany Box Blue," "Rustic Robin's Egg" or "Iceberg Blue"?

  5. Could just go straightforward with something like "weathered turquoise"

  6. Smurf blush :)

    Not a very enticing color but first thing that came to mind lol

  7. Well since you are going for distressed how about


    Rustic Patina

    Farmhouse Blue

    Farm House Patina

    Rustic Turquoise


    : )

  8. The way you described the colors in the finish made me think of abalone... how about Aged Abalone?

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