Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Floor

See I told you it wouldn't be long before you heard about Duncan again. Well more-so all the hair. Our apartment was completely carpeted when we moved in, but being an old house there were great hardwood floors underneath. so today I did the boys bedroom floor. It is tedious as I have to move the furniture to one side of the room, remove all the carpet, and then move it all again and remove the other side.

One really cool piece is that the floors are not in mint condition, and look like something out of an Anthropologie catalog. I am glad its done, but a little sore.

On a side note , My UCONN Huskies (that's where I went to college) just won the Big East Championship!!!


  1. Wow, it looks awesome! I'd love to have those beautiful floors in my place! Nice job :)

  2. Wood floors are so much easier to care for with kids than carpet is. You and your wife will love this for years to come!

  3. Hey I'm in Ct!!! Go Huskies !!!
    : D - nothing better then a wood floor! Especially with kids - I agree you made your wife a happy woman!

  4. Looks Great!!! Wood always looks so much better than carpet and it is easier to care for than carpet with the kids:)

  5. looks great! i LOVE hardwood floors, especially when there are animals involved. There is no way we could have carpet with our crazy shedding accident prone pooch!

  6. Hoorah UCONN!! (Alumni here too...)

    Wooden floors can't be beat, nothing else to say :)