Monday, March 7, 2011

Honest Marketing

In Marketing today, there is no question that a consumer wants honesty. Finding the balance between being completely transparent , and still presenting a good image of your company can be a bit tricky

I do think there is such thing as “too honest” I was recently at a local grocery store and was surprised to read the sign indicating where the warm beer was. Because if there is one thing I love, it is a nice room temperature Bud.
I see so many marketing campaigns that sound too good to be true , and usually they are. What they actually said was the truth, but what I heard (which was exactly what they wanted me to hear) was something completely different.

Take a risk free trial. There is no risk, that is great, and I heard the word “free” and “Trial” this is a very popular marketing technique because it is a trial, it isn’t free, and there is RISK, yet they were completely honest. What it actually is saying is you have to buy this, and then use it for a trial period, then if you didn’t like it, you can return it without paying. You will likely still have to pay shipping, and also there is the risk of the effect of the product. Anything new contains potential risk, however the risk free is in direct reference to the financial aspect.

As much as I don’t like deceitful marketing, it is brilliant! Millions of people like me misunderstand it and go ahead purchasing the product or service. I recently got a free copy of my credit report, it only cost $30.00

So in closing, as many of you are small business owners (if you have an Etsy shop it counts as a small business in my book) Keep an eye on how you are marketing yourself and your product. After all if buyers feel hoodwinked, they are far less likely to come back for that coveted return sale.


  1. I agree, there is nothing worse than being deceived by a misleading advertisement. If you say free, it should be free! It's gotten to the point where it is hard to believe a lot of ads.

    - Brittany (new follower from ETB, etsy name daisical!)

  2. Good post! I'm a new follower from the Etsy Blog Team.

    One of the all time champs of deceitful ad campaigns has got to be Taco Bell.

    None of the food they slap down on your tray comes close to the meat stuffed offering you see in their ads!

  3. That's a funny post! And very true. It's gotten to the point where, whenever I see anything advertised as "free", I immediately ask myself, "now, what's this REALLY gonna cost me?" Too often it's more than I'm willing to risk!